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    Avoid Excel Horror Stories - how to excel at creating reliable, user-friendly spreadsheets

    Studies show that spreadsheet errors are commonplace. These can cause you huge losses of money, time and reputation. On top of that, spreadsheets are often poorly designed and constructed so that users have a hard time trying to understand and use them. The consequence is, they hinder rather than help you.
    Major causes are a lack of best practice training and insufficient error awareness. In this book, we address both these points.

    You will learn how to excel at creating reliable, user-friendly spreadsheets. You will:

    • learn Golden Ground Rules to make your spreadsheets easier to use and to minimise the risk of error
    • learn how errors can occur – largely based upon real-life horror stories – and how to avoid them
    • fill your tool bag with “how2excel” tips to help you and further improve your spreadsheets

    The book is packed with practical examples and screenshots to help you understand. You can also download free bonus files: Excel files containing all the examples in the book as well as a practical checklist to print out and refer to in your work!

    About the author

    Gary Knott is an Excel expert with many years of experience helping clients by developing Excel models and tools and by providing Excel training (see this website). He is keen to raise the standards of spreadsheet use so he created the Excel tips website www.how2excel.com and has now written this practical “how to excel” book.

    If you develop or use spreadsheets, this book is for you!