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    Your team needs new skills to work efficiently and effectively in Excel?
    We have the solution!

    Excel is very flexible and widely used but often not effectively and efficiently. This leads to poorly constructed workbooks which are hard to understand, inefficient to use and potentially unreliable. A triple whammy!

    On top of that, standard Excel can't cope well with larger or complex data sets - so users cannot process or analyse data effectively and you lose the chance to find great insights to help your business.

    Our solution: We train your team to perform key tasks using best practice techniques and tools.

    We offer a variety of standard and customised courses to meet your needs.
    These are usually a half or a full day in length, so users learn quickly and effectively.

    Excel fundamentals

    less experienced

    Learn Excel fundamentals including efficient entry of data and formulas, layout, formatting and navigation

    Data preparation
    and analysis

    and Expert

    Bring together data from various sources, and analyse it to produce useful outputs in standard Excel, Power Query or Power BI

    Sales planning


    Calculate planned sales based upon provided data and assumptions, produce useful outputs incl. pivot tables

    Cashflow / liquidity modelling


    Produce a flexible cash flow using more complicated functions and produce valuable outputs

    Integrated business modelling


    Plan, develop and use a financial model with value drivers and integrated financial statements (P&L, balance sheet and cashflow)

    Customised training: We also offer training customised to your exact needs. Examples could include:

    • M&A/LBO modelling with valuation: Understand concepts, develop models including financing
    • Expert workshop: Use advanced functionality such as dynamic arrays and data tables
    • Macros (VBA): Develop and test simple macros to automate repetitive tasks
    • Old tools made new: Optimise tools and models already in use

    Your benefits

    • Relevant: we discuss your requirements and agree suitable training
    • Flexible: training can be delivered on-site or virtual
    • Effective: participants learn hands-on using realistic, practical case studies
    • Best practice: we cover essential theory and give practical tricks and tips
    • Lasting: we support participants to ensure they understand and give them helpful handouts
    • Enjoyable: our motivated trainers make learning Excel fun!

    Effective, best practice training for groups large and small - on-site or remote!

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    What our clients say

    Rolf Martin Blume CFA
    Director Corporate Finance / M&A
    DZ Bank - corporate and investment banking

    Gary Knott's training courses have completely convinced us. He tailored the topics to be covered individually to our needs in advance, and the training content, models and tasks were both theoretically sound and extremely practical. The hand-outs contained numerous best practice tips that made every day modelling much easier. The seminar was rounded off by Gary's patient, competent and friendly way of conveying the material to the participants, so that my colleagues and I not only learned valuable things, but also had a lot of fun during the training.

    Dr. Tanja Gluding
    HR Director
    CELLS Group - real estate management

    Excel is fun but can make you despair at the same time! The Excel trainings by Knott Consulting were always well thought-out, targeted and always led to some ‘aha experiences’!

    Jeannine Hartmann
    Manager Accountant
    JLL Property Group

    Thank you very much for the great Excel training. I was able to take away many new tips and tricks that will facilitate my daily work.